Selfie: a mental disorder

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Have you ever taken a selfie? Odds are good that you have. The term “selfie” is so popular that it was recently deemed the Oxford English Dictionary 2013 “word of the year.”

A few months ago, some magazines published a hoax article claiming that obsessive selfie-taking had been classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association.

Though being an hoax, I think the original article made a lot of sense. Selfies enable latent mental problems to emerge and be exacerbated. Why should people take selfies? The only reason I can think of is a means of self-glorification to claim people’s attention on own physicality and/or on completely irrelevant actions that are being performing, being it waking up, having breakfast, going for a run, prepping up for a party, etc. Social media have become a space where the main thing to be found is a constant plea for attention. I think this is a worrying trend. Moreover, if you are one of those people systematically taking selfies, I think it’s fair to let it be understood: you might have a very serious mental disorder.