Down the wire

by Lorenzo Piccoli

There is a famous scene from the Italian movie Fantozzi when the main character shuts himself in a dark room on the weeks leading to election day to follow all the TV debates and read every newspaper, in the opinion that his vote will make a crucial difference in the final outcome. Though I won’t vote in the Scottish referendum on independence, this was pretty much how I spent my morning in Edinburgh today.


I cannot possibly link all the good articles I have read. But there are two that deserve a special mention for reasons you will easily understand: Dear Scotland: here are 76 things we’d like to apologise for, love England and Ten handy phrases for bluffing your way through the Constitutional Crisis.

Now. The polls will close in a few hours. Tonight after 10PM I will be at the referendum night event organized by the Future of the UK and Scotland, bringing together academics and international journalists. The first results will come from the islands at around 2AM, but the most important polling stations – those from Edinburgh and Glasgow – will only report at 5AM. Stay tuned for a long night.