The most creative insults

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Insults are ways of grouping  words together to verbally abuse another person. As such, they occasionally represent expressions of delightful linguistic creativity. The Global Post compiled a list of the most creative insults from other cultures. My favorite ones are the following:

1. Persian: “Mee goozam rangesh kon!” advertisement  … “Try to paint my fart,” or less literally, “f*ck off.” Unless, of course, you’re up for the challenge.

2. German: “Schattenparker”  … “One who parks in the shade.” Because you’d have to be a total wimp to take precautions against the sun turning your vehicle into an unbearable radiating hell box, am I right?

3. Gaelic: “Go n-ithe an cat thu, is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat!”  … “May the cat eat you, and may the devil then eat the cat.” It’s not clear why the cat has to get involved here.

4. Italian: “Cacati in mano e prenditi a schiaffi!”  … “Take a dump in your hand and then slap yourself.” This requires quite some commitment from the insultee.

5. Turkish: “Sana girsin keman yayi!”  … “May the bow of a violin enter your anus.” Not a concert we’d wish to attend.