The wealthiest terroristic groups

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Forbes Israel has ranked the 10 wealthiest terror organizations based on their annual income. Terrorist groups raise money by taking up donations from charities, government agencies, as well as through activities such as drug trafficking, robberies and extortion. According to the rank, the richest terrorist organisation today – and in history – is the Islamic State.

1. Islamic State ($2 billions)
2. Hamas ($1 billion)
3. FARC ($600 millions)
4. Hezbollah ($500 millions)
5. Taliban ($400 millions)
6. Al-Qaida($150 millions)
7. Lashkar e-Taiba ($100 millions)
8. Al-Shabaab ($100 millions)
9. Real IRA ($50 millions)
10. Boko Haram ($25 millions)

According to the estimates by the U.S. Treasury, the reason why the Islamic State is so rich is because of its oil revenues: by selling crude oil from captured oil-fields in Syria and Iraq in the black market, the Islamic State makes up to $1 billion a year.