Tribute to a tribute

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Ola just published his second book: Franz Borkenau. His first manuscript, Lisboa, was published in 2013. I wish I could say something about the quality of Ola’s writing skills, but both stories are written in Norwegian. The only thing I could grasp, though, I really like it. It’s the quote at the very beginning of Franz Borkenau, which is taken from a song by the Jeffery Lewis Band.

Your looks are gonna leave you
And your city’s gonna change too
And your shoes are gonna wear through
Time is gonna take so much away
But there’s a way that you can offer time a trade
You gotta do something that you can get smarter at
You gotta do something you might just be a starter at
You better do something that you can get better at
That’s the thing that time will leave you with.

Both Ola and his wife Elizabeth, whom already involuntarily starred on this blog, play music more than well. Check out their bands: Making Marks, Ola’s band, and Allo Darlin’, Liz’s band.