Meet Thomas

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Thomas has been a constant presence on this blog. I wrote about him one of the very first posts. No wonder: I decided to start this blog shortly after returning from Victoria, Canada, where the two of us met in 2011. He was such an inspiring presence and I could go on for long, but I won’t. There is only one thing you need to know: there are people you meet, and I meet people constantly, but there are some of these people you meet and you immediately realize they will become an important part of your life. Thomas was one of them, and so were Iris, and later Manuel, Mindo, Dani, Giallu, and Jonas. Anyway. After I left Canada, Thomas and I met again only once, in Denmark. That was 2012 and now you see why to keep a blog can be quite handy at times. Thomas kept popping up: his letters, his poems, or some other stuff. He is now moving to Europe for a few months and he will be living in Italy, in Florence, in our house. Funny how it feels like a football club announcing the signing of a top player. But in fact this is about a very good friends with whom I am finally crossing path again.