Winter 2015 collection

by Lorenzo Piccoli

So when I surf the web and I find an image I like I save it for the future. Over the time I have accumulated thousands of pictures. I like to look back at these pictures every now and then. Most of them I don’t even remember where they came from in the first place. This is also the reason why I rarely share them on this blog, for I am afraid of some kind of copyright violation. But with these pictures below I seem to remember. So I can confidently put them online again, in a way I am bringing them back to the place where they were originally found. This is a collection of very scattered, seasonally-related pictures that I remember. As I said, the photos of this gallery are assembled in an absolutely random order and this is what I most like in it: there are true vintage photos of my family, magazine covers, funny shots from friends who barely remember me, paintings, caricatures, and a few reportage photos. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy my private Winter collection.