Ladybirds 2015

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Here we go again: tomorrow the 20th edition of the Coppa Pavone will start.

The Coppa Pavone, I am copying and pasting from my university’s website, “is the most important annual football event, the Coppa Pavone tournament takes place in early June after the deadlines are past and before the June Ball, at the EUI’s very own campo sportivo at Villa Schifanoia. Teams can be of any size, but the rules state that there must always be at least one female player on the pitch at all times, so keep that in mind“. There are some nice pictures of the 2013 Coppa here. And some pictures of our team last year: the Ladybirds, or Seduce and Destroy as our motto goes.

So last year we competed in a tournament with 18 teams. We were in a group of four, meaning that we got to play three matches. We could have played more, if only we won two. But we didn’t. In fact we did not win any of them. We lost the first 6 to 0, the second 5 to 3, and the third 3 to 2. It must be clear that the purpose, our purpose I mean, was to score at least one goal. Measured against those standards, we did just fine. I guess some people can find this arguable, but let us not get lost in the details.

This year we have no idea of what we can do: there are 19 teams and we are in a group of five, meaning that we will get to play at least four matches. Tomorrow we will play our first one and it will be against the team that beat us 6 to 0 last year. They are called Rokkan Rawls and we are called the Lady Birds (Revengers) and our sponsor is Gingerello. Seductive and destructive days lay ahead.