Good news, captain

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Dear reader.

Back to work. I am still in Montreal: this city has treated me very well over the last three weeks. In fact I have a treasure throve of experiences to share with you. Some Most of these stories will probably be insignificant to you; others will be obvious; and a few, I hope, will turn out to be enjoyable. But! For once on the blog, this post is not going to be about me. And this is because I am still very much in the flow; so I will wait and write about the last few weeks when I will reach a certain degree of stillness. Aside the whole egotistic part about my experiences, there are also a few very serious topics I would like to write about and they deserve to be treated with some attention. I will do that in due time.

In the meanwhile, my reader, I wanted to urge you to make good use of your precious spare time. There are plenty of sports events that deserve to be followed. Yesterday’s stage of the Vuelta a España was thrilling. On Wednesday there will be a time trial and the following days the decisive stages on the mountains. This year’s Vuelta is starting to look like it could be one of the closest finishes in recent history with three riders – Catalan Purito Rodriguez, Sardinian Fabio Aru, and Dutchman Tom Dumoulin – very close to each other. No big surprise, I am supporting Fabio Aru. He is humble, he is funny, and he is stubborn – on Monday’s last climb he looked like he was going to crack down every moment and yet he held on, and on, and on, and when Purito Rodriguez attacked him on the final meters he gasped, and sprinted, and almost managed to reach back.


The Vuelta is going to be an exciting race to watch, probably as exciting as the US Open Tennis in New York. Thus far I enjoyed siding for Feliciano Lopez – although there is a reasonably great chance he will be kicked out of the tournament tonight. Here again, no matters who wins it is going to be fun.



And basketball! I am not a fan of this sport at all, but the European Basketball Championship is a somehow different event and Italy, for once, has a chance of doing reasonably well. So we shall see. On another discipline, you can rest assured the Italian representative will perform disastrously at the Rugby World Cup that is set to start in about a week; but that is also going to be a tournament to follow. Speaking of Italy, in this year’s Moto GP season Valentino Rossi – who won his last title in in 2009 – has been magic. This guy has an incredibly positive attitude about things and is always fun to listen to.

May your September be as exciting as the Vuelta, as skillful as the US Open, as hopeful as the EuroBasket, as solemn as the Rugby World Cup, and as old-school as the Moto GP.