Occasional note on the sense of keeping this website going

by Lorenzo Piccoli

I started writing here to avoid sending the same kind of email to all my friends who were far away. It was 2012. Over time, I slowly turned this website into something different; and as of today I am not sure what it has become.

I still like to think of this as a personal thing, a sort of archive for myself and the people who know me personally. However, last year I had more than 19,000 contacts here, which is not a lot but is certainly more than I originally intended. One thing I learnt from my previous experiences is that quantity is rarely a measure of quality – which is why I never judged the quality of this website upon the number of visitors. In the last four years I always tried to write whatever crossed my mind; sometimes producing really ungainly posts.

I can do so because I have been lucky to find a professional path that allows me to post whatever I want without having to think Oh, wait a second, this might be inconvenient. I wonder whether that will ever change. For now it hasn’t: so for the time being I will happily continue posting very personal, very awkward stuff.