Why and how women in Europe continue to be oppressed

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Since 2011 my university has provided a concrete contribution to the European and international debate on governance through a two-day event with qualified and plural participation. Every year now, at the beginning of May, the State of the Union gathers political leaders, members from civil society, and personalities from the business world to join selected professors and discuss the current state of affairs of the European Union.

I was there in 2014, when I listened to a truly remarkable speech on the vision of Europe by Matteo Renzi, and then I was there again in 2015, when Renzi delivered a more demagogic and way less impressive speech on the topic. Other than politicians, however, the State of the Union is worth following for the ideas put forward by academic and researchers.

Unfortunately I could not be there this year – dling! I am in Switzerland – but I have followed some of the sessions online and I wanted to share with you the Keynote address by Professor Ruth Rubio Marin on the topic Women in Europe and the World.


It is a short read that contains a rich list of data and practical advices. If you can, it is worth giving this speech fifteen minutes of your time.