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nccr – on the movie

With the help of some colleagues in Neuchatel, I have organised a cineforum on migration and human mobility. There are hundreds of movies on the topic: what I like about them is the variety of different perspectives. We included in our selection mainly fictional films that focus on people leaving home and moving between, arriving, or living in a different country. Indeed, none of the movies on our list are only about migration, but they all use it to explore bizarre (sometimes), kafkaesque (often), or sad (almost always) stories.

Nccr - on the movie

Together, these movies portray some of the reasons why people move. They also show the many different facts of human mobility: the role of culture and religion, the obstacles, the stereotypes, the consequences of policies.

De retour de l’est

Bonjour à tous,

Après mon retour d’Istanbul, il y a un mois, je reprends une série de posts dans le blog. Je prévois une courte série, peut-être 10 ou 12 articles, pour raconter des histoires sur mon séjour dans l’ancienne Constantinople, et le voyage de retour.

Pour commencer, je partage les images vidéos, deux films de 8 et 12 minutes.