Alpine skiing, 2019

by Lorenzo Piccoli

February 3: Chasseron with Yvan, Jean-Thomas. Horrible weather and station purri, first freestyle experience in the forest, okay food in a picturesque chalet

February 16 and17: Zinal with Pierlu, Maria, Laure, Fabian. Fantastic weather, good group keeping up the pace wonderfully

March 10: Verbier with Yvan, Jean-Thomas and Yvan’s friend. Fantastic weather, rail n’ ski at 7 in the morning, Mont Fort.

Marc 22: Verbier with Pierlu. Car at 7 in the morning, fantastic weather, excellent lunch, sunset over Lake Leman on the way back.

March 30: Portes de Soleil with Pierlu. Car at 6 in the morning, fantastic weather and organisation, eight hours with two small breaks.

April 15: Portes de Soleil, alone. Train to Lausanne, Aigle, Champery. Bad food on the French side.