Col du Sanetsch

by Lorenzo Piccoli

I read several articles about the Col du Sanetsch. It has a solid reputation as one of the most spectacular bike climbs in Switzerland. It has long been on my bucket-list. Just like in 2018 I had allowed myself the luxury of climbing up the Grosse Scheidegg, in the summer 2019 I decided that the Col du Sanetsch would be my target.

I hopped on the train very early in the morning. I arrived in Martigny at 9. From there I rode to Sion, stopping along the way to eat the apricots directly from the trees. Apricots from Valais are unique.

From Sion I rode up to Savièse; and then up for 25 km and almost 2000 m of altitude. The climb is endless: it took me about three hours to get to the top. I used the day to listen to the first chapters of The Karamazov Brothers, but at some point I had to stop: I was too tired to follow the subtle philosophical nuances of the story. By the time I reach the Col, I was completely worn out. Never in my adult life had I been so tired during a bike ride.

Luckily there is a mountain hut where I could get a huge rösti. Then down to Sion and train back to Neuchatel.