Restrictions on international mobility

by Lorenzo Piccoli

To curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, governments worldwide have undertaken measures that radically disrupted human mobility, such as the sealing of national borders, mass evacuations and quarantines. Who are affected and in what ways?

Jelena and I have participated in two webinars, where we have presented some preliminary ideas. The first clip is about nine-minute long. It is only the two of us, discussing the most important trends that we observe. The second clip is much longer. Our presentation is one of three: the others are about the ways in which COVID-19 has curbed mobility in Africa and in South America. If you are curious about the dataset that we present, you can access it here.

I feel a bit ambivalent about these two clips. While very grateful for the opportunity to present my research, I am wary of the proliferation of webinars and youtube clips.