Covid-19 and the sudden death of free movement

by Lorenzo Piccoli

It has been my dream to appear in a podcast. I was hoping this would happen with L10nel, but Jack never gave me a shot.

Alex Afonso finally made this dream come through. I have been his guest in the latest episode of ‘The Borders of Equality‘, the podcast he manages at the University of Leiden. We spoke about the different ways in which human movement is being restricted by governments all around the world, and what consequences this entails. The conversation is probably too long; but all in all it came out well. Thanks to Alex, we touched upon a variety of different issues and I hope we managed to provide precise figures.

Anecdote: I was supposed to meet Alex in 2013, when I was interviewed for a doctoral position at King’s College London. He was my designated supervisor. Unfortunately, Alex got robbed the night before and could not show up for the meeting. I did the interview with Adrian Blau, an extremely kind and competent professor. I got the position and a scholarship, but in the end chose to go to the European University Institute instead. Alex and I met many times afterwards. He has never been robbed again.