Six wheels, southbound

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Through the EUI’s Twitter account I have been following the parallel journeys of Andrea Calderaro and Stefania Milan. Andrea and Stefania are professors now, in Cardiff and Amsterdam respectively. They were still hanging around at the EUI when I started my Ph.D. there. This summer, they took their four wheels, and those of Stefania’s partner Joel, and traveled south.

A couple of weeks ago, Stefania and Joel set off from Amsterdam to Venice by bike. They wrote: “In times where the relationship between Italy and The Netherlands is fraught with misunderstandings and stereotypes, we, a hard-working Italian and a generous Dutch, want to create a bridge between our two countries. We are cycling from Amsterdam to Venice, showing that our continent is smaller than we think, and that while connecting requires hard work, it offers great reward 🙂 Sponsored by the inimitable Terre Lente!“. They completed fourteen stages, which you can see through Stefania‘s and Joel‘s twitter accounts.

A week ago, Andrea left Cardiff on his vintage Vespa and he drove all the way to Florence. Again, you can follow the six stages through his twitter profile.

You gotta love that.