Radio France

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Late October, Sunday evening. My body is tired: I rode my bike in the afternoon. I am planning the week that is about to start. It is dark outside, but from the window I can still see the lake of Neuchâtel. I listen to Fip radio, Certains l’aiment Fip, on air for one hour every Sunday at 20:00. The episode is dedicated to Scarlett Johansson. I am hooked. What great program.

Fast forward, one month later. I am talking to Maja and Emilien: they tell us about Juke Boke, a programme by France Culture linking music to historical events. I want to check it out right away. It adds to many other programmes of France Culture that are on my podcast list. The public streaming of Les Cours du Collège de France, for example, is such a great resource for academics.

Radio is becoming increasingly central in my life. I wonder whether this is because I am immersing myself in French culture. Can it be that the radio offer is, generally speaking, more heterogeneous and innovative here than it is in Italy?