Less politics

Politics has vanished from this blog. Bizarre. I used to write a lot about attitudes, elections, parties. Then I stopped. I almost feel ashamed when I read through my recent posts: they are all about me, me, me.

Sometimes I wish I could be like another Lorenzo, who publishes daily witty comments on the political situation. I cannot. Probably I have few things to say because nowadays I spend too little time talking about politics with friends. When I want to write a short commentary here, I hesitate : surely it has already been written, much more clearly and elegantly, by someone else.

Perhaps this is why I do even more lists than I used to in the past. Unlike structured comments, lists know no boundaries. They are open, incremental, potentially indeterminate. I started doing lists of articles to read, lists of podcasts to listen to and, of course, lists of books to read. This way, I redirect my two or three readers somewhere else. Go there, read what she writes, listen to what he says: create your own opinion.