A global dataset of COVID-19 restrictions on human movement

by Lorenzo Piccoli

Border closures and domestic lockdowns have become a key element of governments’ action during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to a joint project between the European University Institute and the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research for Migration and Mobility studies, we have created two datasets to track restrictions to human mobility. Jelena Dzankic, Didier Ruedin and I have now published an open access article on Plos One to present these resources and discuss some preliminary findings. The article is entitled: Citizenship, Migration and Mobility in a Pandemic (CMMP): A global dataset of COVID-19 restrictions on human movement.

We hope this is a useful resource and we wish to express our gratitude to all other people who participate in this project, one way or another: Andreas Perret, Nicole Wichmann, Inka Sayed, Annique Lombard, Aurelie Pont, Christina Mittmasser, Rausis Frowin, Oliver Pedersen, Petra Sidler, Leslie Ader, Paula Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, Timothy Jacob-Owens, and Luca Bernasconi. It would have been impossible to advance with this project without the collaboration of such enthusiastic colleagues and researchers.