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Books I have read, 2020

I start the year with a masterpiece: The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoievsky. Truth be said, I started listening to this audiobook in the summer of 2019, riding up the Col du Sanetsch. I put it aside and then I resumed with the snow: first in Lavazé Pass, then in Valais. Perhaps this is a […]

Books I have read in 2019

I first saw The Schopenhauer Cure in Luxemburg, Torino, next to a dozen other books by the same author. Irvin Yalom is a psychiatrist who turns philosophy into a work of fiction. Arianna gave me this book towards the end of 2018. For some reason, I remember reading it on two distinct occasions: in a […]

Books I have read, 2018

I remember reading Annie Ernaux’s Memoria di ragazza on the train during a long, romantic night ride between Stockholm and Kiruna. Outside it was snowing. I felt like I was part of a Swedish noir movie. Next to me, Giallu, and Nicco were muttering indistinct phrases while Jasper was listening to Bubble Butt. We had decided to […]

Books I have read, 2017

January. Cold, grey, busy Torino. After celebrating NYE with my dear Canadian friends, I have fallen sick.

Books I have read this year

There is a story that kept me busy for a large part of Winter and early Spring this year. I started reading it at the same time as I began my bike trainings, which explains why it is one of the things that I associate most closely to my first race, the Strade Bianche in Siena. I arrived in […]

Thirteen books from 2015

How much did I read this year? I suppose there are different ways to answer this question. I could count the number of pages; or the number of books; or the number of authors. But the thing I do is count the number of friendly faces that come to mind when recollecting the books I read […]

Time for books / 6

Between January and late February I have read several books of all the kinds. The first book I read in early January was Arto Paasilinna’s The Forest of the Hanged Foxes. The main characters of the story run away from the city to live in a small cabin in the wood, pretty much in the middle […]

Time for books / 5

This Fall I have read only two books. Good books, though. First I read Shakespeare’s The Hamlet. Luckily enough I had the original text in English with translation in Italian: some bits would have been to hard to grasp otherwise. I loved the humour and the atmosphere, but I did not go crazy for the […]

Time for books / 4

Last time I wrote about the books I’ve read was in June. Now, after a three-and-half-month summer break, it is definitely time to talk about books again. In August, on my way to Fanø I managed to finish Bill Bryson’s Notes from a small Island, which I had bought in London Brighton in June. This is […]

Time for Books / 3

Questo mese, per la prima volta, un post sui libri completamente in italiano. Non avrebbe avuto senso scrivere in inglese, visto che le miei letture sono state tutte nella madrelingua. Per il mio progetto di ricerca ho incontrato a Bolzano Riccardo Dello Sbarba, consigliere provinciale e giornalista. Questo mese ho letto il suo libro, Südtirol […]