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Dear Iris …

… you totally made my day. Now I don’t dare opening it, as it is so beautiful. I think I will keep it this way until next year, when I’ll turn 40.

Australians again, the Irishman, surf and Guggenheim

I spent one afternoon at the Guggenheim, which is beatiful. I usually do not go crazy for modern art, but this one was great. I was amazed by Boltanski’s Humans and by the whole exhibition on David Hockney – una vision mas ampia – foto polaroid, pitture e iPad dei paesaggi Yorkshire. Yesterday I went […]

Just a bunch of Englishmen

Niccolò chose the place, bargained for the house, and found the motivation to rein everybody in, including those he did not know previously – and there were many of them. Nico, Thomoose, and Tree flew in from Canada. So did Andrew, who landed in Paris shortly after new year’s midnight. Jasper signed in about a […]

Books I have read in 2019

I first saw The Schopenhauer Cure in Luxemburg, Torino, next to a dozen other books by the same author. Irvin Yalom is a psychiatrist who turns philosophy into a work of fiction. Arianna gave me this book towards the end of 2018. For some reason, I remember reading it on two distinct occasions: in a […]

Exhibitions and museums, 2019

Jeu de Paume: Dorothea Lange (Iris, Arianna – Paris). Museé de Quai Branly (Arianna, Jimmi – Paris). African House Bruxelles (Arianna, Delina, Giacomo, Anna – Bruxelles). Fondation Beyeler: Picasso. Blue and Rose Periods (Arianna – Basel). Philharmonie de Paris – Cité de la musique: Doisneau et la musique (Arianna – Paris). Archives de Paris: Mobile/Immobile (Arianna – […]


YES! We are going to Namibia in October. Or ‘Nambia’, as Trump likes to say. It is a long time wish for me to go to the Subsaharan part of the world, and I will start in Namibia. I am curious, excited, little bit nervous (wild animals – I will long for Canadian cougars while […]

Tris di montagne

July 13-14. Canton Neuchâtel and canton Vaud. Creux du Van with Yvan and Jean-Thomas (this is one year after the omage that Giallu, Jonas, Tosan, Dani and myself first paid to this place). Depart from Travers (700 m) all the way up (1400 m). Night in the cabane Perrenoud of the C.A.S. Neuchâtel and down […]

Books I have read, 2018

I remember reading Annie Ernaux’s Memoria di ragazza on the train during a long, romantic night ride between Stockholm and Kiruna. Outside it was snowing. I felt like I was part of a Swedish noir movie. Next to me, Giallu, and Nicco were muttering indistinct phrases while Jasper was listening to Bubble Butt. We had decided to […]

Looking for the Jasper

Eighth edition of our NYE ( Utrecht, Innsbruck, Firenze, Den Haag, Berlin, Turin, Stockholm) with the false Canadians in the 18th arr. of Paris. Notable participants: Iris, Stephanie, Noa, Arianna, Lorenzo, Jasper. Special invitees to be included in our tenth edition: Jack, Justine, Sylvan, Gianmarco. Some take aways. Jasper made a last minute appearance on December 28 and then badly […]

Exhibitions and museums, 2018

Fotografiska: Inside Out and Hygiene: A Circle of Life (Iris, Erik, Jasper, Jasmine, Suuz, Giallu – Stockholm). Musée de l’Elysée: La beauté des lignes (Arianna – Lausanne). Centre Pompidou: David Goldblatt (Arianna – Paris). Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana (Thomoose – La Habana). Museu d’Història de Catalunya  (alone – Barcelona). Images Vevey: Les […]