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This is a post I wrote exactly one year ago from now. I am not sure why I did not publish it then. It clearly inspired me to take up some more serious cycling in the following months. I will share it now that my bike is getting rusty again. Perhaps it will wake my spirit […]

That initial sense of freedom

Everybody has her/his own obsession. Some people are obsessed with power; others are obsessed with death; others are obsessed with money. i am obsessed with Lance Armstrong, because he represents all of the above. This is going to be my eighth post about him in less than four years, so much so that I am starting to […]

It really isn’t about the bike

“Wheelmen” is available as for today, October 15th. In Italian, the title is “Il Texano dagli occhi di ghiaccio”, “The cold-eyed Texan”. It is a biography of Lance Armstrong, one of those persons who deeply fascinates me. He is a contemporary mythological character, a Nietzschan hero, a living tragedy. In his story you can find […]

It’s not about the bike

What I think of Lance Armstrong today is exactly the same as what I thought time ago. He is a patronizing man, of of the strongest personalities I have ever seen, and he certainly expresses the worst part of the American way of life. But he is also a fascinating character and I would recommend […]

Oh, shit that’s not good – again

Here’s what I already wrote about Lance Armstrong. Tonight and tomorrow, from 9 to 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, I will try to watch his interview with Oprah Winfrey online here. Or maybe I will just go to sleep and watch the interview tomorrow on Italian TV.

Oh, shit that’’s not good

Last night I read the 202-page USADA’s report on Lance Armstrong’s drug use. I collected the most impressive excerpts. In 1998 Jonny Weltz was the team director and Pedro Celaya the principal team doctor for the U.S. Postal Service Cycling Team. Riders on the team were using performance enhancing substances including EPO, testosterone, human growth […]

Get real

Media are going nuts for the report that proves that Lance Armstrong implemented “the most sophisticated doping program in recent sports history”. Italian journalists now call Armstrong the single biggest liar in the history of sport. I was a baby when Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France in 1999. I knew straight away he […]


I campioni dello sport sono considerate persone straordinarie, che dovrebbero ispirare e fornire un esempio. Sono tali non sono per quello che fanno nella loro disciplina, ma anche per il modo in cui vivono la loro vita e per come si presentano al pubblico. Molti di loro fanno discutere. Non si tratta quasi mai di personaggi […]