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Macabre dancing

I discovered the Joy Division thanks to Marco, Leila and Niels in Torino, at Blah-Blah. I knew them before, as we all do, but I did not really understand what they stood for. Two years later I found So This is Permanence during my visit to Shakespeare and Co. It is a volume of Ian […]

Books I have read, 2017

January. Cold, grey, busy Torino. After celebrating NYE with my dear Canadian friends, I have fallen sick.


Romandy: it has been wonderful. And think that I was depressed before moving here. View from my window, balcony, Konstanz with Cata, Giulia, Vevey, Lac Leman, Hugo Pratt, an elderly couple waling next to the harbour, Palais de Tokyo, Arianna, Berna, a Torino con Teresa, Marco Etta e Leila, Chacom e Brebbia, Forte di Bard […]

Great will be your reward…

… in the Kingdom of Heaven Jean-Thomas; Giallu, Gianni, and Paola; Pietro; Martina; Marco and Leila; Pedro; Dani and Anna; mum and dad; Alberto and Marcantonio; Marco, Francesca, Isabella, and Camilla; Fabio and parents. These are the people who hosted me at their place over the last twelve months.

Two seasons

The sun creeping into our apartment at the last flood of via Belfiore 82, in San Salvario. The neighbours smoking cigarettes on their balconies. The podcasts on the long bus ride to Moncalieri – Axefiles, Economist, the FT world weekly, Francesco Costa, RFI le journal en francais facile. The main square rising up in the […]

Can’t you feel the fears I’m feeling today?

One year ago today I was cycling the Strade Bianche, the culmination of a period of steady trainings sometimes wet, often alone, always cold. It was a thing that was my own and it was intense. I look back at that period, and that day in particular, with nostalgia. One year later I am having an equally […]

8 novembre

E’ il secondo martedì di novembre e come succede ogni quattro anni i cittadini americani si stanno recando a votare in quelle che sono le elezioni più seguite al mondo. Io non ho scritto nulla al riguardo, se non qualche riflessione tangenziale. Non che non abbia seguito questa campagna elettorale, intendiamoci: negli ultimi mesi ho letto molti articoli […]

Piove, ed è subito autunno

Torino, one week into A guy playing the piano upon my arrival at the station. Coffee on the terrace. A warm October light. Wicked Man’s Rest. Sunny parks. Wide roads and surprisingly few churches. Maps. Marco. Moncalieri and its magnificent square. Il Collegio and Carlo Alberto. Il Caffé Città. Long walks in the Valentino park. […]

Patience and time

One important discovery I made this year is that moments come back, sometimes in a more mature and tangible way than how you remembered them. Your read about my bromance with Thomas already; now in Montreal I had the luck to share the apartment with Marco and Leila, who made my life a little bit funnier between 2009 and […]

My humble friends

I am about to begin something new in my life and I am pleased to think that many of my friends will be in a similar kind of transition. Tommaso, Matia, Marco and Leila all won a scholarship and from October will pursue a Phd in London, Pavia, and Trento. On the other shore of […]