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Nicco’s Fundraising Challenge

This is Nicco and his new slogan is Let’s turn diabetes type 1 into type none! Nicco was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. Now he wants to complete an olympic triathlon whilst fundraising for JDRF. As he says, this gives him motivation, strength, and sense of purpose. On August 8, he will […]

Il cerchio chiuso della miseria

Nel Cinquecento, la strada prese il nome di via delle Poverine, dal nome del corrispondente istituto religioso femminile. Attorno a Seicento il nome fu cambiato in corso dei Tintori, ceduto poi a un’altra strada. Questa zona infatti era nota anche per le attività produttive meno nobili e più maleodoranti, che richiedevano l’uso dell’urina, quali appunto la tintura delle […]

2021: resolutions

Change house, job, and shoes. Sign up for one cross country skiing race. Free ride on the mountains. Draw on a sketchbook. Polish up the archive of pictures taken over the last few years. Write some letters in French. Plan. Write an academic manuscript. Have a big meal, in a vineyard, from midday to midnight, […]

Pisciotta e dintorni

Dopo la mia tradizionale tonsillite estiva, riparto per la Campania. Nicco ha trovato all’ultimo minuto un’offerta vantaggiosa per una casa a Marina di Pisciotta nel cilento campano: è destino ch’io passi una buona parte di questa estate in compagnia del buon cibo mediterraneo e della faccia del governatore De Luca. A Firenze ci accomodiamo sulla […]

Messages from quarantine

A seven-minute documentary by Niccolò Natali and Nikola Lorenzin on the New York Times.

Just a bunch of Englishmen

Niccolò chose the place, bargained for the house, and found the motivation to rein everybody in, including those he did not know previously – and there were many of them. Nico, Thomoose, and Tree flew in from Canada. So did Andrew, who landed in Paris shortly after new year’s midnight. Jasper signed in about a […]

2020: resolutions

Start and finish one cross country skiing race. Free ride on the mountains. Eat chocolate. Remember. Get a sketchbook. Polish up the archive of pictures taken over the last few years. Learn some German. Do some interviews for my research. Experiment with French cuisine in Jules Joffrin. Spend a week in Berlin with Arianna, Anna, […]

Books I have read, 2018

I remember reading Annie Ernaux’s Memoria di ragazza on the train during a long, romantic night ride between Stockholm and Kiruna. Outside it was snowing. I felt like I was part of a Swedish noir movie. Next to me, Giallu, and Nicco were muttering indistinct phrases while Jasper was listening to Bubble Butt. We had decided to […]

2019: resolutions

Finish the Diagonela and the Marcialonga. Take some good pictures, mainly portraits. Cook: soupe à l’oignon, parmigiana, babaganoush. Improve French, learn some German. Drink beer with Anna. Regularly update the blog. Write letters to Thomas. Hike on the mountains with Giallu, Nicco, other friends and family. Memorise twelve poems: one per month. Read one, big […]

2018: resolutions

Go ski touring in Switzerland. Finish the Ph.D. in style. Improve my French. Memorise twelve poems: one per month. Cook. Read one, big classic of Russian literature. Reunite Dani, Jonas and Tosan. Collect whiskey and photography books. Go sailing. Avoid developing an addiction for the pipe. Continue fencing and playing tennis. Race with the bike. Drink […]