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Podcasts, 2020

In 2018 I made a list of the podcasts that I listen to. Since then, podcasts have continued to grow in popularity. Last month, The New Yorker started to systematically review podcasts in its art section, alongside movies, theatre plays, and ballets. For me, personally, podcasts are good way to spend some time away from […]


Historycast; The Axe Files with David Axelroad (from Giallu); The Economist: The Week Ahead (since this one no longer works I have replaced it with Editor’s Picks); Ad Alta Voce (from Martina); FT: World Weekly; The Philosopher’s Zone; Malcom Gladwell: Revisionist History (from Daniel); Un giorno da pecora; The Wilderness; BBC In our time; Lezioni di […]

Radio France

Late October, Sunday evening. My body is tired: I rode my bike in the afternoon. I am planning the week that is about to start. It is dark outside, but from the window I can still see the lake of Neuchâtel. I listen to Fip radio, Certains l’aiment Fip, on air for one hour every […]

The isolation booth

I have been the guest of Anna and Danae’s podcast, The isolation booth. As Anna said when she first contacted me, it’s all rather amateur and casual. We chatted a bit about my projects, but mostly about our experience with the lockdown.

Covid-19 and the sudden death of free movement

It has been my dream to appear in a podcast. I was hoping this would happen with L10nel, but Jack never gave me a shot. Alex Afonso finally made this dream come through. I have been his guest in the latest episode of ‘The Borders of Equality‘, the podcast he manages at the University of […]

Books I have read in 2019

I first saw The Schopenhauer Cure in Luxemburg, Torino, next to a dozen other books by the same author. Irvin Yalom is a psychiatrist who turns philosophy into a work of fiction. Arianna gave me this book towards the end of 2018. For some reason, I remember reading it on two distinct occasions: in a […]


Il mio amico Giacomo, conosciuto tra Parigi e Rovereto grazie ad Arianna, si è buttato in un progetto creativo: il podcast L10nel. Con la scusa di seguire un’intera stagione di Lionel Messi e dell’FC Barcellona, Giacomo parla di sé e della nostra generazione. Se siete curiosi, potete seguirlo tramite iTunes. E’ gratis. E così in […]

Books I have read, 2018

I remember reading Annie Ernaux’s Memoria di ragazza on the train during a long, romantic night ride between Stockholm and Kiruna. Outside it was snowing. I felt like I was part of a Swedish noir movie. Next to me, Giallu, and Nicco were muttering indistinct phrases while Jasper was listening to Bubble Butt. We had decided to […]

Alastair Campbell

I started to train regularly with my bike during the rainy Florentine winter of 2016. Then, in April, I went to live in Neuchâtel for a semester and I decided to bring with me my older bike so that I could still go for a nice stroll every now and then. Those long rides in […]

Two seasons

The sun creeping into our apartment at the last flood of via Belfiore 82, in San Salvario. The neighbours smoking cigarettes on their balconies. The podcasts on the long bus ride to Moncalieri – Axefiles, Economist, the FT world weekly, Francesco Costa, RFI le journal en francais facile. The main square rising up in the […]