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Express myself, sort of

Hello? Anybody here?

The random visitor opened the door of my blog on December 23rd and found herself completely alone in the room. There were times when this was a crowded place. Never a massive party, let it be understood, but I had some nice events here, summing up around 100 people together. Not anymore. In December this turned into a desolated, almost abandoned place. You can hear the noise of the wooden floor (this wooden floor! I paid a fortune in 2012 to renovate it and make it fancy). It squeaks and crackles every time someone passes by.

Oh, hey, I am sorry. I am just a Polish dude, I am here by mistake. I found this blog on Google, but I am about to leave. Have a great day.

The number of posts I have been publishing has sinked steadily over the last two months, and so have the readers.

Oh, by the way, the place looks clean and tidy. It is nice; but I could hardly understand what it is about. Whatever! Bye, again.

I know. Since November 2011, when I first opened the blog I wrote about many different things. I put online some personal stuff, pictures, book reviews and political commentaries (by the way: I am particularly keen of the book reviews). I have been writing in English, but in Italian too. This might be really confusing at times and people have gone through withdrawals on my blog. I know; but at the end, the coming together of different things is what makes me so keen of keeping this unsettled thing alive.

Summer break

I wont be able to post anything on the blog for the next 10 days, as I am off for a volunteering camp in Slovakia. Take care.


Leggendo alcune delle keywords per cui navigatori casuali arrivano qui tramite google, verrebbe da pensare che questo blog nasce con uno scopo primariamente diffamatorio:

  • ‘angela merkel cocciuta’
  • ‘federica pellegrini viziata e presentuosa’
  • ‘marco bracconi leccaculo’
  • ‘scout paramilitari’

Readers (of this magnificent blog)

Looking at the stats from the blog I get an accurate glimpse on my readers. They are not too few, surely more than I expected: on the average, about 40 a day.

When I began posting I did not exactly know to whom address my posts: either to my international friends, or those who are based in Italy. It seems that I am keeping up with both, although definitely more with the Italian ones. I have some loyal readers abroad, especially in the US (I can guess who they are) and in the Netherlands (easy guess, too). Quite many, surely more than expected, in the UK; a bit of a disappointment from France (I know a lot of people there) and, obviously, Canada (oh Canada: why are you betraying me in this?).

I now realize how much I love to waste my time studying every detail of futile charts and trying to get pointless theories out of it. Probably a good reason is: I studied sociology.


I have the feeling the current header of the blog is a bit too much self-referential exactly what I was looking for.

Due parole

Un post che risale al 2007.