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Weekend long reads / November 2020

Andrew Sullivan, Trump is gone. Trumpism just arrived, Substack. Dana Goodyear, The iconoclast remaking Los Angeles’ most important museum, The New Yorker. Peter Hessler, Nine days in Wuhan, the Ground Zero of the pandemic, The New Yorker.

Podcasts, 2020

In 2018 I made a list of the podcasts that I listen to. Since then, podcasts have continued to grow in popularity. Last month, The New Yorker started to systematically review podcasts in its art section, alongside movies, theatre plays, and ballets. For me, personally, podcasts are good way to spend some time away from the screen. This year, I stopped going to work on my bike and began to walk instead, as a way to be able to listen. Time is ripe for an update of my list. These new entries are all in Italian, except one: Lezioni di Storia con Alessandro Barbero, M: Il figlio del secolo, Cautionary Tales, Morgana (from Arianna), Da Costa a Costa. Get in touch if you have any other suggestion.

Weekend long reads, August/September

Francesco Guglieri, In roulotte con Goethe, IL. Lexington, Trouble in Trumplandia, The Economist. Mira Kamdar, Paris is about to change, The Atlantic. Evan Osnos, Can Biden’s centre hold?, The New Yorker.

Weekend long reads, June

Sarah Stillman, Will the coronavirus make us rething mass incarceration?, The New Yorker. Dexter Filkins, The twilight of the Iranian revolution, The New Yorker. Brooke Jarvis, Where do eels come from?, The New Yorker (special note: when I was in Florence in February I went to the Todo Modo and spoke briefly to Piero, the owner, who gave me a long speech on this book he was reading. It was more of a theatre play than a speech, really. Piero is magnificent. The book seems intriguing).

Weekend long reads, May

Valerio Millefoglie, Ricordi di una vita in bottiglia, Il sole 24 ore. Bill Buford, Baking bread in Lyon, The New Yorker. Anthony Lane, The enduring pleasure of night ride, The New Yorker. Paul Theroux, Paul Theroux recalls a fear-filled lockdown, The New Yorker.

“In times of crisis we should all be diarists and documentarians. We’re bound to wail and complain, but it’s also useful to record the particularities of our plight … Still writing gives order to the day and helps inform history”.


Weekend long reads, April

Bill Buford, Mastering the art of making a French omelette, The New Yorker. Roberto Beneduce, Storie virali: Le lezioni di una pandemia, Treccani. Charlotte Mendelson, The tonic of gardening in a quarantine, The New Yorker. Liborio Conca, Cosa ricordiamo di Roberto Baggio, Minima et Moralia, Alexander Maksik, My father’s voice from Paris, The New Yorker. Katy Waldman, Dear diary, the world is burning, The New Yorker.

Weekend long reads, March 2020

Lauren Collins, The anguish and solidarity of Paris under lockdown, The New Yorker. Kenan Malik, Coronavirus exposes society’s fragility. Let’s find solutions that endure once it’s over, The Guardian. Owen Jones, We’re about to lear a terrible lesson from coronavirus: inequality kills, The Guardian. Ivan Krastev, Seven early lessons from coronavirus, European Council on Foreign Relations. Adam Chandler, Let’s politicize the coronavirus crisis, The Washington Post.

Weekend long reads, February 2020

Alice de Brancion, On a visité Le Louvre avec un regard féministe et c’était passionnant, Les Inrockuptibles. Alice Gregory, How Dorothea Lange Defined the Role of the Modern Photojournalist, The New Yorker. Lindsay Crouse, My Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend is Lady Gaga, The New York Times; Lauren Collins, Was Jeanne Calment the Oldest Person Ever Lived – Or a Fraud?, The New Yorker; Julian Lucas, Can Slavery Reenactment Set Us Free?, The New Yorker.

Weekend long reads, January 2020

Manuel Orazi, Le finestre più famose di New York, Rivista Studio; Lou Stoppard, The decade of the drop: why do we still stand in line?, The Financial Times; Adam Shatz, The Tyke with a Toque, The New Yorker; Peter Schjeldahl, The art of dying, The New Yorker; James Wood, Can you forgive her?, The New Yorker; Bagehot, Harry, Meghan and Marx, The Economist.

Weekend long reads / Winter 2019

Prospero section, A new documentary explores the underrated art of movie sound, The Economist; Jess McHugh, How to eat alone (and like it), The New York Times; Arthur Krystal, Why can’t we tell the truth about ageing and rebuttal letters, The New Yorker; Isaac Chotiner, From Little Englander to Brexiteers, The New Yorker; Margaret Talbot, Is the Supreme Court in Elena Kagan’s hands?, The New Yorker; Silvia Schirinzi, Tendenza Melania, RivistaStudio.