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A matter of targets

A few days ago I was having a conversation with Fabio. My point was, essentially, that we should never limit ourselves because we think we are not capable of something.

This, of course, is a rather banal argument and not particularly original in any way. But it is worth being remembered from time to time, as I often feel that some of my acquaintances renounce to pursue what they would love to do as they do not dare to take the first step for a change in their life. Inertia is a very dangerous thing. There are, of course, many other friends who dared to do exactly what they wanted to do: Andrew, who took off to live in Egypt; Tommaso, who’s pursuing his career in London; Stefano, who left everyone to go and live in Austin; Giovanni, who stayed in Trento to follow his passions; and many others. Anyway!

In the course of my conversation I was trying to remember a quote from the last book I read, Henry Thoreau’s Walden. I usually do not like quotes: taken out of their context their original complexity is diluted, if not distorted. But this one is particularly good. I was able to find it and it goes like this: “In the long run, men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, they’d better aim at something high.

My humble friends

I am about to begin something new in my life and I am pleased to think that many of my friends will be in a similar kind of transition.

Tommaso, Matia, Marco and Leila all won a scholarship and from October will pursue a Phd in London, Pavia, and Trento. On the other shore of the Ocean, Thomas has taken up a radio career at UVic: you can listen to his weekly podcasts here. Andrew just moved to Egypt. You can read his new blog here. Iris graduated and started working, but from what I gathered she’s still in Utrecht.

What about Anna? She is about to come back from Munich. In September she will graduate in Lugano and then she’ll take some time off to think about her best choice for a master’s program. She’ll soon be my guest here in Florence: can you possibly think of any better place to get inspired?