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Governare è tenere un ritmo sincopato, avete presente Keith Richards?

Su Pierluigi Bersani, in questo momento in sala operatoria, ci sarebbero tante cose da leggere e capire. Io vi consiglio di iniziare da qui.

Meanwhile in Italy

Italy’s center-left demolished center-right Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition in all the administrative elections for the mayor of 16 major Italian municipalities, including Rome. The center-left candidate in Rome, former surgeon Ignazio Marino, took 64 percent of votes in a run-off ballot on Sunday and Monday, defeating the center-right incumbent Gianni Alemanno, whose victory, five years ago, was a moment I can barely forget as it was greeted by crowds of supporters, among them far right skinheads, who chanted “Duce! Duce!” and raised their arms in a fascist salute.

The victory of center-left Partito Democratico comes as a surprise. The party performed disastrously at the last political elections and has virtually imploded afterwards. However, those national representatives who are now taking credit for this victory seem to forget that there is huge difference in local and national elections and in people’s perception of local vs national representatives.

And, by the way, this latter category, including former secretary Pierluigi Bersani and all his trustees, should very much bear in mind that it has spectacularly failed in front of its national supporters and this will not go away with an electoral victory, although significant, in 16 municipalities.

Le due simpatiche note giornaliere

Due note del giorno su Bruxelles e sul dibattito delle primarie del PD.

A Bruxelles sono stato nel 1985, a perdere un concorso per entrare nell’allora CEE. La ricordo brutta, e pioveva pure.
Almeno il viaggio aereo non lo pagai io.

I due più a sinistra scelgono preti, Renzi blogger e Mandela, Puppato due donne, Tabacci due DC: manco il più scarso degli sceneggiatori.