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I banditi madrileni

Arrivo a Bologna e la prima cosa che mi devo sentir dire é: “stia attento al portafogli che qui ci sono tutti questi delinquenti, questi stranieri che rubano, questi che vengono da, si, insomma, questi madrileni.” Ed era anche in buona fede, la signora.

My angel strikes again

Yesterday I got to Bologna Central train station at 16:00. I had to get to the airport to board a flight to Bruxelles and for some reasons I was convinced I had plenty of time as boarding was scheduled for 17:30. It wasn’t: it was scheduled for 16:30. I realized I was dramatically late only when getting off the train. I then ran outside the station, smacked down a couple of old people on the stairs and caught my lifetime opportunity to do what I always wanted to do: get on a cab and shout the driver “to the airport! as fast as the light! I will pay you any prize”. In fact I didn’t: I payed him 15 euro, with a tip of about 2. Still. I realized I had a chance to get onboard when we arrived to the airport and the radio was playing ‘Highway to Hell’. I check-in, passed security and got to the gate in 15 minutes neat time. And so I departed.