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2016: resolutions

Take up cooking again. Talk to strangers, make new friends. Keep reading books; and maybe read some poems too. Distill and trade. Spend time with Camilla and Isabella. Volunteer, much. Start and finish a Gran Fondo. Teach one more university seminar. Write three chapters for my Ph.D. dissertation. Become part of something – NGOs? cycling clubs? freemasonry? Hike with Manuel, Mindo, and Giallu. Learn something new – something practical, possibly. Try to read and practice the spiritual exercises of Ignatius. Drink whiskey with Martin and Niels. Travel outside Europe. Meet the Canadians: Iris, Joe, Jasper. Write Thomas. Avoid weddings – except Nele’s. Be present. Make a plan for life. Visit Aosta.

A Villan

Aston Villa Football Club, also known as Villa, The Villa, or The Villans, is a professional football club based Birmingham. The team is among the oldest football clubs in the history of English sports and it is famous for having exhibited a surprising determination in remaining in the Premier League over the last twenty years without winning a single trophy. Mind you: though unimpressive it can seem on the outside, this is a club capable of hiring players who say stuff like: I’d like to play for an Italian club like Barcelona (Mark Draper) or Allegations are all very well but I would like to know who these alligators are (Ron Saunders).

So I have been timidly supporting the Villans for the last few years. I think it all began when Marco spent a brief period in Birmingham and provided me with some excellent merchandising – notably, a very fin claret scarf that I love to wear when I attend any kind of sport event, regardless of the team. This, in fact, has caused some troubles when Fiorentina played against Torino, a team whose colors are alarmingly similar to those of the Villans.

The reason why I am writing about this now is twofold. First, over the last few months I came to the realization that my social life luck goes hand in hand with the destiny of the club. January and February were highly unimpressive months for me and it was in that period that Aston Villa lost every single match they played. However, as March arrived, the team rebounded and got a couple of impressing victories and I, too, started having a much healthier social life again. This, I believe, is a discovery of the utmost importance, which is likely to have some practical consequences on my future strategic planning. If Villa is playing Chelsea, say, I will probably be obliged to spend a few days shut at home to avoid the cataclysmic personal consequences following an embarrassing defeat. But the very reason why I am writing this now is I am currently in Birmingham. I am here to attend a conference which, at the moment, seems everything but a career changer. I am leaving for London tonight and I will be meeting Marco, Francesca, Isabella and Camilla. So I am on a good track to start working on one of my new year’s resolutions. Go, alligators.

2015: resolutions

Go ski touring. Keep playing tennis. Start beating Fabio, Giallu, and Martijn at tennis. Write three good chapters for the Ph.D. dissertation. Publish one paper I can be proud of. Teach in high schools. Enjoy Florence with Thomoose. Buy a typewriter and use it to write letters. Spend time with Camilla in London. Bring the Ladybirds to the Coppa Pavone. Keep reading The Economist. Read all of the seven 1000-page classics of the literature books I bough last month -just kidding. But seriously: read at least three of them. Take the Dolomiti del Brenta Tour with Manuel, Mindo, Dani, Giallu and sleep under a sky full of stairs. Visit Prague, Beirut, and Jerusalem. Work and volunteer in Israel. Volunteer abroad with Legambiente, anyway. Run half a marathon in less than 1h45′. Spend my fifth new year’s eve with the Canadians. Keep writing. Also on the blog.