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Se piove l’é maiala

Rain, cold, a bad accident, and the absence of many friends: the Gran Fondo Gallo Nero wasn’t great.

The weekend was saved by Giallu, Zio Stefano, and my parents who decided to drive down to Tuscany for a couple of days. Some things I will remember: the short stay at Bencistà; the ride from Florence to Greve on Saturday (photos below); the lonely house carved inside a castle near Cavriglia; il sabato del villaggio a Greve; l’Osteria Monte Murlo; the fog; Giallu staring out of the window on Sunday morning, pyjamas and mug: ‘It rains again. Well, I guess we can drive back home now. I know a good trattoria in Panzano‘.

And the race? The route was shortened down from 135 km to 85 due to the rain. Besides, it was suspended for about half an hour because of a bad crash. I rode at an average of 28 km/h and finished 334th out of 689 participants in 2:59:15 (3:23:31 counting the half an hour stop in the middle of the road). The organisation was pretty dreadful and I probably won’t sign up again.


Dialoghi surreali

Intervistatore a Gianluca Brambilla, una settimana fa, all’arrivo della cronometro del Chianti nella quale Brambilla terrà la maglia rosa di leader della corsa conquistata a sorpresa il giorno prima, battendo tanti avversari sulla carta molto più agguerriti di lui e del giovane Bob Jungels: “Dobbiamo aspettare la conferma ufficiale, ma dovresti aver difeso la maglia per un secondo!
Brambilla:“Da chi?
Intervistatore: “Da Jungels”.
Brambilla: “Ah, va bene lo stesso. Complimenti”.
Intervistatore: “A chi?
Brambilla: “A me”.