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2014: Origins

Qualifier, Politricks: lost 6-0
Qualifier, Cinghialisti Gialli: lost 5-3
Qualifier, Montecarla: lost 3-2

2015: New brand and first victory

Qualifier, Rokkan Rawls: won 4-2
Qualifier, The Spirit of Capitalism: lost 2-1
Qualifier, Zampatistas: lost 2-1
Qualifier, Schumaniacs: lost 3-2

2016: Betrayed

Qualifier, First-order conditions: lost 4-2
Qualifier, Inglorious Ballstars: lost 2-0
Qualifier, Hurrikeyens: lost 4-2

2017: Bronze is the new gold

Qualifier, Salviateci: won 10-4
Qualifier, Inglorious Ballstars: tied 4-4
Qualifier, Flush Royale: won 7-0
Qualifier, New Team: lost 4-0
Quarterfinal, The Bee Team: won 2-1
Semifinal, Smash IT: lost
Final for bronze, Carmen and Rafa: won 2-1

2018: A team packed with doctors

Qualifier, Wolfpack: won 7-3
Qualifier, Buon Talentos: won 7-1
Qualifier, Turbocane: won 8-3
Quarterfinal, Farcelona: won 2-1 at the extra time
Semifinal, I buoni, i brutti, i cattivi: lost 4-2
Final for bronze, Salviateci: lost 3-1


Going Dutch

So our quest for the Coppa Pavone is now officially over: we lost our final match 3 to 1 and we are out of the tournament. No regrets though: the other team was simply stronger than we were and we kept trying until the very end. Judging from the picture it is hard to say we just lost a crucial match.


Today Martijn wrote us:

This morning I woke up with the somewhat depressing thought that you now all must have a sense of what it is to be Dutch: Playing in orange, being liked by the crowd, but never winning a thing.

I will leave you with that.

Onto a grand finale

It is one of those things that I start without paying too much attention to it. And then, without consciously realizing it, I start getting more and more sucked in until the point I realize I am spending half of my time thinking and working on it. Since its inauguration on Monday last week, the 2015 edition of the Coppa Pavone is taking too much attention, energy, and passion out of me.

Let me first introduce our team – once again. The Ladybirds 2015 season – full blast.


ladybirds walkin-in theme


Unexpectedly, we won our inaugural match 4 to 2 against the Rokkan Rawls. It was a thrilling, tense, and fair game that made us we feel confident. Maybe too confident. And in spite of playing at our best, we lost the following two matches. We lost 2 to 1 against The Spirit of Capitalism thanks to their solid defence and great team work. And then we lost 3 to 2 against the Zampantistas thanks to their combination of Italian catenaccio and Irish long balls. In spite of the devastating losses, both games were great fun. You can, however, observe the rapidly deteriorating morale of our team by following Mariana’s evolving expression from picture #1 (second player standing from the left) to picture #3 (first player sitting from the right).

Now the cup is up for grabs. We will play our final match of the group stage on Monday late afternoon against the Schumaniacs. Unlike us, this is a serious team that has won all the matches it has played thus far. But in football you never know and the only thing we can reasonably assume at the moment is that a win for our side would suffice for letting us to the quarter-finals. It will be complicated like cooking a good dish, but we have the attention, energy, and passion for making it through.

Ladybirds 2015

Here we go again: tomorrow the 20th edition of the Coppa Pavone will start.

The Coppa Pavone, I am copying and pasting from my university’s website, “is the most important annual football event, the Coppa Pavone tournament takes place in early June after the deadlines are past and before the June Ball, at the EUI’s very own campo sportivo at Villa Schifanoia. Teams can be of any size, but the rules state that there must always be at least one female player on the pitch at all times, so keep that in mind“. There are some nice pictures of the 2013 Coppa here. And some pictures of our team last year: the Ladybirds, or Seduce and Destroy as our motto goes.

So last year we competed in a tournament with 18 teams. We were in a group of four, meaning that we got to play three matches. We could have played more, if only we won two. But we didn’t. In fact we did not win any of them. We lost the first 6 to 0, the second 5 to 3, and the third 3 to 2. It must be clear that the purpose, our purpose I mean, was to score at least one goal. Measured against those standards, we did just fine. I guess some people can find this arguable, but let us not get lost in the details.

This year we have no idea of what we can do: there are 19 teams and we are in a group of five, meaning that we will get to play at least four matches. Tomorrow we will play our first one and it will be against the team that beat us 6 to 0 last year. They are called Rokkan Rawls and we are called the Lady Birds (Revengers) and our sponsor is Gingerello. Seductive and destructive days lay ahead.