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Butchers in Denmark

I thought the last two posts were too serious. Here is something on a slightly funnier tone. It is about movies. Believe it or not I followed your indications – I will soon post a comment on that – and I was rather impressed by the Danish movies Pernille and Jasper recommended me. The other day I was discussing it with Anders. Today he sent me the following kind message.

Hi Lorenzo.

You asked me about good Danish movies the other day.

Here is a good one “The Green Butchers” about some Butchers in Denmark that end up killing people and selling the meat to people.

Yeah its a dark comedy.

Here you can watch the full movie with English subtitles. Being on YouTube I suppose it is legal, but of course I might be proven wrong. Until that moment comes, enjoy.

So many foreign worlds so relatively fucked

Although Justin Vernon/Bon Iver is from Vermont, his vibe and atmospheres remind me so much of Canada. Listening for the nth-time to his three albums (two albums, one EP) and imaging the cold wind is clearly another sign that Autumn is coming.

No wonder one of the first posts on this blog was a tribute to one of the best songs of the band.

I just came across another video, that was shot in Washington State just a few miles away from my beloved Victoria. The video and the song are metaphors revolving around the spirit of Native American preservation land.


This other video from Creature Fear (not the official video of the song) is exactly how I think back of the few days I spent in Denmark with the Canadian crew this summer. Just so you know.

Where am I, exactly?

I am in Germany after spending the last 10 days between the Italian Dolomites, Berlin and Denmark with most of the people I love. I am now heading to Croatia, where I still won’t have internet. The blog will get back to life in about 8 days. For now, I will just dare to write that these days have been unforgettable and that I am a pretty damn lucky person to have such friends.