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Vecchie foto fiorentine

I found these pictures from 2013 in my archives. I am not sure I took them myself: I think I saw them on Facebook at the time and saved them on my desktop. Please do let me know if these pictures happen to be yours and I am violating some copyright law.


These pictures are good memories of San Domenico di Fiesole now that I go there with a different mindset. Perhaps the Institute is changing too. Gates are mushrooming and people tend to be sober and uptight. It feels like l’esprit that characterised those hippie, privileged researchers is leaving room to a much more corporate enterprise. But maybe it is just me gazing with nostalgia at a truly wonderful period of my life.

Un mapazzone

Too bad I don’t have a camera – so these are the only and completely scattered pictures I could secure from friends. They cover the period between the beginning of October up to now. You will find some objects, a couple of landscapes, and four cool flatmates – a bit of everything, a pastiche, un mapazzone.