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Once again, this year I am supporting Ryder Hesjedal because he comes from Victoria, the place where I studied. But also because I like his cautious yet predatory style of cycling.


Today the Giro d’Italia begins. As I kid I used to watch the entire race, day after day, stage after stage. If I had the chance, I even went up to the mountains of Trentino and South Tyrol with my dad to cheer the cyclists in those that are considered the hardest and most spectacular stages of the Giro.

This year I will not follow the race. I am lacking both time and passion. But someone else will be doing it for me. Alvise has been hired to follow the carovana as a press officer. He has always been a huge fan of cyclism – here are our pictures from last year’s Giro – and I guess this is a dream that comes true. In a sense, this will be a special edition of the Giro that we will remember over time. Enjoy it.