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Ireland will hold referendum on same-sex marriage in 2015. The country is the most catholic enclave in the world and is very conservative on social issues. At least, this is my memory from the time I spent there in 2009. Hence, I was extremely surprised to see the polls released earlier this week. They show that 76% of Irish voters are in favour of same-sex marriage (would vote yes in a referendum), 18% are against.

Speaking about gay marriages. Here‘s an interesting article on the gaying of videogames, or on videogames embracing gay romance.

Moral suasion

The Catholic Church and the Trade Unions are two institutions apparently very different from each other. But they share a fundamental similarity: they are meant to play an essential role in promoting progressive policies for today’s society. They could, for instance, rise awareness on issues that are often neglected; they could defend the rights and obligations of the poorest; they could defend more sustainable policies; and they could preserve ethic and morality in the public sphere. They could, if only they hadn’t become so inextricably attached to power, wealth, and self-preservation.