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On the spotlight

Today I tried to catch up with the Economist’s Charlemagne blog, which is one of the best sources of information on European politics. Interestingly, five out of the last ten articles are about Italian politics.  I think people in Italy do not realize the huge international attention for the coming election campaign. This will be, as stated by the second-last article, “a test of the maturity and realism of Italian voters. One could feel more confident if they had not on three occasions chosen Mr Berlusconi as their leader”.

Some thoughts on Italian politics

I wrote an overview of Italian politics that was published on the International Political Forum. Have a look, if you do give a damn about it.

Italian politics has always been a puzzle for foreign observers. For that matter, even Italian experts often have a hard time anticipating political developments in the country. The elections that are due for Spring 2013 are no exception. This time, anticipating the results coming out from the polls may be even harder than it usually is.