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Firenze – Fiesole – Firenze

So there is one thing in particular from my 2014 resolutions I really wanted to do and have not managed yet: the half marathon. Only problem: there is no chance of finding a half marathon anywhere near here at this point of the year. So I have decided I will go for the only run possible, which turned out to be a bit harder than a half-marathon.

Firenze - Fiesole - Firenze run

The Firenze – Fiesole – Firenze run is 16.5K, with a 370 elevation gain that makes it is a real tough uphill race. It is on the 14th of December, five days from today. Not much time for proper preparation. BUT! this shall be done! I found five brave volunteers who will run with me: Ludvig, Pauline, Niels, Martin, Giallu. Everything considered, my (our?) target is to finish it. To nail it in less than one hour forty-five would be nice.

Challenge #2 accomplished: run

distance: 10 kilometers
time: 43’13”
speed: 14.3 km/h
ranking: #233 out of almost #4000.

Challenge #2: run

It is settled. I will run the 10KM d’Uccle, a Belgian race that is going to assemble about 4,000 participants. Last year, the best time was 32 minutes and 37 seconds. I am aiming at finishing in less than 50 minutes neat time. This is going to be my second challenge.

It won’t be a marathon as those that Marco and Valerio did, but maybe a first step in that direction.

The race will be run on May 5th, 2013.