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Having a moustache

A follow-up from this post.


Just got a message from my friend Thomas. I want to share it with you. I think I will join the team soon.


This is the month of Movember, you’ve seen it everywhere and you’re welcome to join in!

My old man had/beat prostate cancer a few years back and every since i’ve tried doing what little I could, which means growing this fuzz on the upper lip.

I know you can grow better lip sweaters/lady ticklers than I. No pressure to join/commit ever though, but here is the link anyways, just thought of you fine men when I though of making the best damn manstache-team I know.

They guide you through the process pretty well, and people will then just donate via. your personal url after that. These are the links, just click one and find join team.

Cheers cunts.