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nccr – on the movie

With the help of some colleagues in Neuchatel, I have organised a cineforum on migration and human mobility. There are hundreds of movies on the topic: what I like about them is the variety of different perspectives. We included in our selection mainly fictional films that focus on people leaving home and moving between, arriving, or living in a different country. Indeed, none of the movies on our list are only about migration, but they all use it to explore bizarre (sometimes), kafkaesque (often), or sad (almost always) stories.

Nccr - on the movie

Together, these movies portray some of the reasons why people move. They also show the many different facts of human mobility: the role of culture and religion, the obstacles, the stereotypes, the consequences of policies.

The Salt of the Earth

Last week I watched one of the most uplifting movies I have ever seen – thanks to Giallu.

It is a documentary in three languages – Portuguese, English, French. It narrates the story of internationally-renowned Sebastião Salgado, a photographer who has been traveling through the continents and the time. It is a grandiose tale of human misery, creativity, brutality, and also a tribute to the planet’s beauty. These oxymorons are rendered with simple brutality.

Le Sel De La Terre (HD) from FILMARTI Film on Vimeo.

Try to find the movie in the nearest cinema and watch it in its original language.

Butchers in Denmark

I thought the last two posts were too serious. Here is something on a slightly funnier tone. It is about movies. Believe it or not I followed your indications – I will soon post a comment on that – and I was rather impressed by the Danish movies Pernille and Jasper recommended me. The other day I was discussing it with Anders. Today he sent me the following kind message.

Hi Lorenzo.

You asked me about good Danish movies the other day.

Here is a good one “The Green Butchers” about some Butchers in Denmark that end up killing people and selling the meat to people.

Yeah its a dark comedy.

Here you can watch the full movie with English subtitles. Being on YouTube I suppose it is legal, but of course I might be proven wrong. Until that moment comes, enjoy.

Menti amiche e creative

I thought I’d ask five creative friends some suggestions on what movies to watch. The result is a beautifully intriguing post, half in Italian, half in English. I will publish it tomorrow.