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Take all the time you need

I finally bought a Vespa, or something like that. I totally feel like Nanni Moretti, the genius, when he wondered around Rome thinking about how to invest the time he still has left to live.

Habemus papam

Last week I posted a video from Nanni Moretti’s Caro Diario. Nanni Moretti made another one movie called Habemus Papam, which became famous worldwide after Joseph Ratzinger’s decision to resign. This is a short and enjoyable clip from that movie.


A common question is what my favourite movie is. What kind of idiocratic question is that: of course I do not know. It depends upon many things: the moment, the feeling, the context, the perspective. I have no favourite movie, as well as no favourite book or song whatsoever.

But I do have a tiny little part of a movie I do consider ironically, politically and philosophically superior to everything else I have ever seen. It is (surprise, surprise) an Italian movie about, by and with Nanni Moretti. And the part is this:

It says: [let’s let aside the first bit while he drives and talks to himself] “You know what I was thinking about? I was thinking of something really said, you know, I was thinking that, even in a society that is more decent than this one, I will always be well off only with a minority of people. But not in the sense of those movies where there are a man and a woman who hate each other and eventually kill each other on a deserted island because the movie maker does not trust the people. No, I do trust the people, I just do not trust the majority of the people. I have the feeling I will always fine myself well off only with a minority and therefore…
Alright, best luck.