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Pampeago, Lagorai, e Catinaccio

125 years of Nat Geo

Four pictures from the archives of National Geographic and the Boston Globe. These are respectively from Nepal (1963), Botwswana (1994), Washington State (2009), British Columbia (2011?).

Backcountry skiing marathon

Yesterday I left home at 9.30AM and I came back at 2AM. It was a lot of fun.

Simple question d’equilibre

The big chill

One week ago I went for a short and very random hike on the Ardennes with Alejandra, Daniel, Mita, and Toni. Thinking back about it now, that experience gives a brand new sense to the second last stanza of Thomas’ poem: Take me like some pilgrim / from the north, stumbling, sloshing / through this blankness, this / nakedness. /I am stripped of / my colour now. I am walking / amongst these frozen poplars as an insider.

Into the mind

A pretty good way to celebrate

This Sunday’s birthday hike to Rifugio Generale Achille Papa was definitely big time with friends.

I believe I spent one night in heaven

Long story short: I went in the middle of the Dolomites with Manuel, Ghennet, Mindo, Fabio. We camped at 2500 meters high in a tent, today we woke up at 5AM, we went to the concert of a guy playing the accordion and we saw the sunrise, then we went to Peak Juribrutto, and then down. It was heaven.

Vimeo awards

A few weeks ago Marco showed me the Vimeo Awards. Vimeo is a website like Youtube, but a thousand times better in terms of quality. I used to watch some videos here, but did not really know the Awards. Shortlisted videos are stunning. These three are my personal top three in the Category ‘Lyrica’. More to follow.

Go out exploring

Mountains are such an important part in the life of many people. I live in an area where they constitute the most important element by far. It is too bad most of my friends do not realize that. Maybe this exciting trailer could be a little push for going out and exploring.