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2020: resolutions

Start and finish one cross country skiing race. Free ride on the mountains. Eat chocolate. Remember. Get a sketchbook. Polish up the archive of pictures taken over the last few years. Learn some German. Do some interviews for my research. Experiment with French cuisine in Jules Joffrin. Spend a week in Berlin with Arianna, Anna, Felix, Jonas. Update the blog regularly. Write letters. Organise something with Giacomo and Francesco. Volunteer. Hike on the mountains (via ferrata) with Arianna, Giallu, Nicco, other friends and family. Race a gran fondo. Spend time with Camilla and Isabella. Relaunch the Gingerello s.p.a. Go sailing. Play tennis.  Spend new year’s eve with the Canadians in Canada.

2019: resolutions

Finish the Diagonela and the Marcialonga. Take some good pictures, mainly portraits. Cook: soupe à l’oignon, parmigiana, babaganoush. Improve French, learn some German. Drink beer with Anna. Regularly update the blog. Write letters to Thomas. Hike on the mountains with Giallu, Nicco, other friends and family. Memorise twelve poems: one per month. Read one, big classic book of the Russian literature. Travel with Jonas. Produce Gingerello with Zuppa and Biraghi. Go sailing. Play tennis. Spend new year’s eve with the Canadians, possibly in the mountains.

2018: resolutions

Go ski touring in Switzerland. Finish the Ph.D. in style. Improve my French. Memorise twelve poems: one per month. Cook. Read one, big classic of Russian literature. Reunite Dani, Jonas and Tosan. Collect whiskey and photography books. Go sailing. Avoid developing an addiction for the pipe. Continue fencing and playing tennis. Race with the bike. Drink alcohol with Anna, visit Tirana. Hike with my parents, with Giallu, with Nicco. Travel outside Europe, meet Thomas. Spend some days with the Canadians, possibly in Istanbul. Get married. Nervous laugh: I was kidding on that last one.

2017: resolutions

Continue volunteering with the Red Cross and do it regularly. Go ski touring. Learn a bunch of very simple recipes and cook with Niels and Anna. Keep reading one or two classics. Get drunk with Dani and Jonas. Collect whiskey. Find a long-lasting present for Martina. Get a better pipe and some good tobacco. Spend time with Camilla, Isabella, Marco and Francesca. Go fencing; and build up some muscles, for Christ’s sake. Organise the old pictures and start making new ones with the Polaroid camera. Hike with my parents. Fill a notebook with notes on Florence and fill another with notes on Torino. Discover some good music: it is about time. Find a new way to make money. Visit Toulouse and drink whiskey with Martin. Spend three weeks on the road, possibly outside Europe. Write Thomas. Do not give up on those pointless attempts to learn French. Go hiking with Manuel, Mindo, Giallu, and Nicco. Return to Ireland with the Canadians. Become a doctor in Social and Political Science.

2016: resolutions

Take up cooking again. Talk to strangers, make new friends. Keep reading books; and maybe read some poems too. Distill and trade. Spend time with Camilla and Isabella. Volunteer, much. Start and finish a Gran Fondo. Teach one more university seminar. Write three chapters for my Ph.D. dissertation. Become part of something – NGOs? cycling clubs? freemasonry? Hike with Manuel, Mindo, and Giallu. Learn something new – something practical, possibly. Try to read and practice the spiritual exercises of Ignatius. Drink whiskey with Martin and Niels. Travel outside Europe. Meet the Canadians: Iris, Joe, Jasper. Write Thomas. Avoid weddings – except Nele’s. Be present. Make a plan for life. Visit Aosta.

2015: resolutions

Go ski touring. Keep playing tennis. Start beating Fabio, Giallu, and Martijn at tennis. Write three good chapters for the Ph.D. dissertation. Publish one paper I can be proud of. Teach in high schools. Enjoy Florence with Thomoose. Buy a typewriter and use it to write letters. Spend time with Camilla in London. Bring the Ladybirds to the Coppa Pavone. Keep reading The Economist. Read all of the seven 1000-page classics of the literature books I bough last month -just kidding. But seriously: read at least three of them. Take the Dolomiti del Brenta Tour with Manuel, Mindo, Dani, Giallu and sleep under a sky full of stairs. Visit Prague, Beirut, and Jerusalem. Work and volunteer in Israel. Volunteer abroad with Legambiente, anyway. Run half a marathon in less than 1h45′. Spend my fifth new year’s eve with the Canadians. Keep writing. Also on the blog.

Pandoro mon amour

This period of the year I try to take some time off to draw a balance of the year that I am about to let go and try to figure out which kind of life stories I want to write in the months to come. So don’t be surprised if the blog becomes all too personal. After all I imagine – or I hope? – that those of my occasional readers who are more interested in my professional endeavor – what endeavor? – will be on vacation too. I take the chance to assure the least professional of my readers that I have been spectacularly good in following my 2014 resolutions: twelve of them came through, and at the moment it looks like two more (e.g. See Thomas. Get drunk with Thomas) will be accomplished within minutes to the end of the year.

2014: resolutions

Go ski touring more than twice. Cook often, and do it with Stefania. Learn how to smoke the pipe. Make it to the second year of the Ph.D. Go hiking with Manuel, Mindo, Gian, and the Canadians. See Thomas. Get drunk with Thomas. Print all the pictures I always wanted to print and never did. Take yoga classes with Mariana. Brew my own beer. Re-start reading The Economist and The Time. Spend more time with Camilla and Anna. Go back to Slovakia. Spend two Summer weeks volunteering abroad with Legambiente. Learn French (decently). Visit Prague and Vilnius. Run half a marathon (10km races do not count). Ride at least 2,000 km on my bike. Take one vintage picture involving friends, food, and bicycles. Keep writing for Unimondo and the blog.

Now I can say it

My resolutions for 2013 worked out quite well. Not all of them; but most did. Happy 2014.

2013: resolutions

Go ski touring more than twice. Eat healthier food. Get a pipe. Study a lot. Write. Discover  new quality beers, exciting writers, groovy music albums and original recipes. Meditate. Watch more movies. Re-start reading The Economist and The Time. Earn some money, but not too much. Drink Wiser’s with my best friends from far away, at least once. Learn French (decently). Run half a marathon. Be amazed by one museum. Paint something. Take one vintage picture involving friends, food, and bicycles. Be surprised. Keep writing on the blog.