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The event is over. It was really hard to organize everything and it would have never worked out without Alice and Martina. This was one of the best and at the same time one of the most uncertain experiences I have ever done. It is somehow relieving to think this is over now. Today’s final event was a success, I think.  I am glad we decided not to cancel it although it was raining really hard. We wanted to try something new – for us – and it turned out great. It was extremely nice to see about fifty people having fun.

Having said this. I am happy for the success of the event itself, but I am even happier for the support of all my friends who came and for the help of all those who could not come but wrote me very kind messages. It may seem naive, but this week was yet another opportunity to realize that I have many incredibly beautiful people around. There is no way I can thank them enough. This alone is a reason to be very happy in everything I do.

You may wonder

I have been working on this one conference all week long, every hour, every minute. The first three events, you may call them workshops/seminars, went well. Several things could have been better, or different, but on the whole I’d say there is room to be satisfied. Today we have a break and tomorrow we will head into the final event, which will start with a game around the city centre. Problem is: the weather forecast suggests a thunderstorm is on the way.


Tomorrow morning at 6AM I am flying to Italy to help in the finalization of this event (also on Facebook: here) that kept me busy for several months.


If you are in town come to see me. I will greatly appreciate your presence in the public. I will fly back to Brussels next Saturday, May the 18th.