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Three poems fit for this season

Read the original texts by Thomoose through these links: Planting at Night; Sitting at a Barbershop in Firenze; Our Country.


Thomoose himself took the picture above some 24 hours ago.

Rebuilding is an exciting time

And in my puttering
I’ve let some relationships die
for I did not water them
But I don’t think i’d have known
relationships need watering at all
had I not been away to see them wilt or die.
The plant lives to give us life,
this is simple.
But we must also do our part.
Some of my best friends are like cactus
others wilted much faster-
I blame no one.
In life I have been torrential
other times a drought
Life, for all its seeming complexity,
is an experiment in precipitation.
Explorations ecosystems
and the flower in a badlands
growing through a buffalo’s skull, whispering:
“I let some relationships die
for I did not water them.
I blame no one.”

Poem by thomoose, who can also be found here.


Musical movement
And the way fall comes in a crescendo of leaves.
There was a time we listened to this music without Youtube.
When brownness was not death,
And branch cello’s were not bare,
But alive with music.
This was when you sat
Below the tree in autumn, and heard the beat below
Your feet, and the type of tuning the leaves made for the next day.

Atuned, both you and treetops,
You suddenly hear this musical movement, and hearclearer, the seasons, and reasons, for change.
The Creator (el maestro) and you.

TLA, Thomas Laboucan-Avirom