Be afraid, be very afraid

I have been sharing articles about Russian foreign policy with an anonymous friend from Lithuania over the last few weeks. Yesterday my contact, whom we shall refer to as il Biscione Lituano, wrote me a few conclusive lines (he writes in very good Italian). It’s worth thinking about it:

Quello che scrive il Financial Times in parte é vero, pero’ il nazionalismo russo stava riemergendo dal 2000. E’ parte della strategia di Putin (Cecenia, Georgia, Ucraina). Quello che non capite in Europa é che in Est Europa non stiamo vivendo in un mondo della pace perpetua di Kant. E non capite quanto la Russia é una stato fallito e non capite quanto é disposto a fare Putin per mantere controllo. Leggiti bene questo.

I couldn’t find a witty comment in answer to this: the reference to Kant’s Perpetual Peace kind of shut me off. If you have an idea, let me know.

Update, 26/09. Cult of personality, ban on foreign media and movies: plenty of stuff to be wary about from the first session of the Russian Duma back to work after the Summer break.