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The dustman and the dancer

December was a cold sunny month in Florence. I did not take many pictures, but the few I shot are mainly about sunsets from the EUI terrace. Then I went to Budapest for a few days and I took some other photos, almost all of which by night, in spite of the obvious limits of my camera. Perhaps this is what Budapest is all about. Still, to me the best of all these photos is the one about the unnamed dustman and the dancer. I took it in front of the National Theatre in Budapest in a freezing morning. Stop for a second and look at the contrast and the sadness. Sometimes I wish I had a better camera.


Memorie fiorentine di popolo

Back in the days there was a method, in my photography. Now the method is all gone. I took about twenty-twentyfive completely random pictures in my first two florentinian months. It is not easy, but if you can read through them you will learn a lot about yellow submarines, storms, spectacular falls, my attraction for the Germans, and much more.


The two pictures taken from the university are not mine, but Rosie‘s – who doesn’t even know me. I hope she won’t mind.