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Ancient man

Ancient man

I took this picture the day before the Marcialonga in 2019, at the end of the Marcialonga Story in Predazzo. An anonymous athlete was resting under the sun and I brazenly took a photo of him. He didn’t mind then and I hope he won’t mind now if I feature him as a character on my blog.

Alpine skiing, 2019

February 3: Chasseron with Yvan, Jean-Thomas. Horrible weather and station purri, first freestyle experience in the forest, okay food in a picturesque chalet

February 16 and17: Zinal with Pierlu, Maria, Laure, Fabian. Fantastic weather, good group keeping up the pace wonderfully

March 10: Verbier with Yvan, Jean-Thomas and Yvan’s friend. Fantastic weather, rail n’ ski at 7 in the morning, Mont Fort.

Marc 22: Verbier with Pierlu. Car at 7 in the morning, fantastic weather, excellent lunch, sunset over Lake Leman on the way back.

March 30: Portes de Soleil with Pierlu. Car at 6 in the morning, fantastic weather and organisation, eight hours with two small breaks.

April 15: Portes de Soleil, alone. Train to Lausanne, Aigle, Champery. Bad food on the French side.

A glorious week

So a couple of weeks ago I went skiing on the Dolomites with Giallu, Martin, and Thomas; and then, right afterwards, we traveled down to Rome to watch the disastrous rugby match between Italy and France.

Skiing was absolutely perfect and, as I wrote elsewhere, May the god of the skiers be eternally blessed for these glorious days up in the mountains where I used to come as a kid with my parents and I am now sharing with some of the finest friends I have met along the way. The trip to Rome was pretty messy, although it was good to be in eternal city and meet Sara, Paolo, Andrea and help Pierre moving back to Rome. At the end of the day I will remember this hectic March week with enormous gratitude for the weather, the mountains, the sport and, most importantly, for my humble friends whom I have met in very different occasions and yet they all fit together so grandly.

Because we are all very narcissistic and occasionally lazy, we took a lot of pictures and even a couple of videos (one and two) when we were on the mountains. But then in Rome it was rainy and crappy and we only took a few shots. I am putting everything online now to satisfy both my ego and my mother: the latter has been asking for some documentary evidence for the last few days, the former will gladly provide it now.

And goodbye

This has been an incredibly busy week and a very good one for several reasons. I spent some quality time with some old friends. I drank B52 – and much more – I worked well, I got some positive news, I arranged a couple of flights, I spent time with Stefania and I even managed to go ski mountaineering one last time.

This will, however, be remembered as the week of my friends Matteo and Simona, Fabio, Alvise, Valentina, Giulia, Mindo, Manuel, and Serena. Congratulations to you all. You gave me a hard time as your different accomplishments came altogether, but it was really good to spend time with you. It was not enough, but still better than nothing.

Try line

So this weekend I missed an historical match. The intensity of a rugby game is impossible to describe, and I can only barely imagine Alvise suffering and swearing while watching the Italian pack defending the result on their own try line during the last few minutes of the match.

By the time Italy scored its second try, I was reaching the top of the mountain where I slept last summer with Fabio, Ghennet, Manuel, and Mindo. This time of the year it was a completely different setting.